lady troyes
full name lady troyes birthdate + age may 24, 1991 & 25 current residence boston, ma children robin troyes

    One might say that Lady Troyes came from very humble beginnings. Born to an unwed teen mother whom never even named her, (her birth certificate reads Baby Hinckley, Lady was a name given to her when social workers declared she was too old to be called "baby" anymore) the infant was placed into the foster care system directly from the hospital, never to know the person who brought her into the world. Most people think this was the most preferable option for the girl - after all, statistically speaking, teen mothers never generally fare well and babies are adopted so easily. Unfortunately for Lady, it would be several years before she'd find the family that would be hers for the rest of her life.

    She was seven years old when she was officially adopted by the Troyes family, moving into a nice suburban town in Boston and assuming the life all children longed to live - family trips, loving parents, and everything she could have ever dreamed of - and she adapted easily to her new world. Generally even-tempered and fair, she managed to avoid most of the pitfalls of foster life and rarely suffered emotionally or withdrew. In fact, it seemed as though her young life, void of generous loving interactions, had the opposite effect on her and even at such a young age she was filled with empathy for the people around her. One might describe this behavior as a hero complex. Lady might not disagree.

    Throughout high school, she flourished and was the type of teen to float between many social circles. Chances are if you needed something, you could depend on Lady to deliver. This sometimes caused discourse in her home when she and her parents didn't see eye to eye (like, say, when she was hiding wayward friends in her bedroom so that they'd have a safe place to sleep) but at the end of the day, she'd still risk being grounded to help a friend.

    Always on the straight-and-narrow, Lady decided to move to New York City for a year after her first year of college to continue school, and for what she described as a job opportunity. The decision seemed abrupt to most who knew her, but nobody questioned the decision and when she returned, it was halfway to her bachelor's degree and with a very big surprise in tow: a child. Her daughter, Robin Troyes, was born shortly before the end of her school year.

    Her parents, though completely shocked, were ecstatic for the addition to their family. And though being a single parent was a struggle, Lady pulled through time and time again with the help of her parents and the friends around her. And now, with five years of experience under her belt, Lady is confident that she's finally getting the hang of things. So far, so good.

donna troy     Donna was orphaned by her birth mother, Dorothy Hinckley, a dying unwed teen who had given her up for adoption. After Donna's adoptive father Carl Stacey was killed in a work-related accident, her adoptive mother Fay Stacey gave her up for adoption again, unable to raise the toddler because of mounting expenses.

    Donna remembered being rescued from a fire by the goddess Rhea who, being one of the mythological Titans, brought her to New Cronus and raised her as one of twelve Titan Seeds, orphans from various planets who would have died if Rhea had not saved them. Each one was given the name of a place that worshiped the Titans, and Donna was given the last name of Troy in homage to the ancient city. She was returned to Earth at age thirteen, where her memories of New Cronus were erased until such a time that she would return and take her place among the Seeds as gods.

    When Donna experienced having superhuman powers and abilities, she adopted the identity of Wonder Girl. Donna became one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, even suggesting the name of the group from a residual memory. She later returned to New Cronus and from that point on adopted the new identity of Troia.

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